Our Solutions By Industry

Our solutions are used in a wide range of industries, here are a few recent ones:

Food Packaging And Distribution

Our PRO/Stock suite includes a range of applications to allow the easy packaging, warehousing and distribution of goods that are date and batch lot tracked. From re-packing foods and labelling with our Stock Packing station though to automatically recording batch code and stock dates of lines picked for an order using RF handhelds, our PRO/Stock suite can provide full support for your business.

Field Service

Our PRO/Dispatch system includes all the tools required to take phhone room job bookings and dispatch them to the correct technician on the road, whether your task is plumbing, electrical, maintenance or photo copiers this system will keep track of who is doing what and where. With GPS integration you know exactly who is available in the nearest location. Add our in-van job recording client running on any Windows tablet device and you have a complete invoicing, payment and automated update system to record work done, labour spent parts used and have the invoice done and paid for before you even leave the site.

Job Tracking

In industries such as lab work, steel fabrication, engineering services and many others, there are many jobs in production at any goven time. When this is spread out over a large area or over multiple floors of a bukiding it can be a full time job just finding a job. Using RFID and barcoding our systems can automatically track and update jobs as they move around your site. The addition of barcode terminals on a WiFi network means that people on the floor can inquire and update the job at any time, making finding anything so much easier.

Warehousing And Distribution

Our PRO/Stock WMS provides all the key features you need to run a warehouse with multiple warehouses, multiple locations and unlimted barcodes and items. Utilising Windows Mobile based barcode terminals will provide you a real-time view anywhere in your warehouse.