At Software Logistics we specialise in the provision of tailored track and trace solutions to a wide range of industries. We track almost anything, anywhere, all the time using a wide range of specialist technologies (such as RFID and barcoding) and develop for the Microsoft Windows platforms to provide real time information from in field and 'on the floor' areas.

We provide systems for tracking large assets, small assets, jobs in progress, stock in warehouses and even people providing a real time view of an organisations production and processes.

We are integration specialists and can provide a customised, fully integrated system to track or trace practically anything you can think of.

To get the solution that's right for you we utilise our extensive library of modules and designs created from existing real-world projects.   These libraries provide a head-start in the development and design process allowing us to keep any project right on track and in budget. Have a look at the Industries page to see just some of the work we have done.

As well, our PRO/Stock management system provides a full multi-warehouse multi-location paperless warehouse system including sales, invoicing, purchasing and stock control with full barcode support and total integration with mobile devices. This incorporates our PRO/Dispatch system that provides a complete system to enter and track jobs for service industries like Plumbers, Electricians or anyone with an on-road workforce. Contact us for more information.


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We are an Australian company based in Adelaide SA.

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In RFID Document Management ...

Based on our existing Alien RFID core suite our custom document management solutions are able to track document satchels and folders around any building. Suited to larger volume holds such as construction and finance customers, these systems make it easy and quick to find critical documentation around the office.